6:00-8:00 pm

Writing Boot Camp

Ready for feedback on your manuscript? This is a great place to bring your manuscript to meet with a group of other authors. Led by a professional in the field, you will have the opportunity to listen to and make comments on the manuscripts in your group, while also getting feedback on your own.


8:00 am


9:00 am


Performing Arts Track:


DIY Audiobook Narration

Johan Twiss

Audio books are the fastest growing medium for books. If you've ever thought about narrating your own book, but you're not sure where to start, this is your intro to narrating on a budget (without skimping on quality). In this class we will talk about the equipment you'll need, narration tips and warmups, how to edit your narration, using ACX, and marketing your audiobook. I'll bring some of my equipment to give a live demonstration, along with a list of sites and videos to learn more about audio book narration.    

Visual Arts Track:


Photoshop Basics

Tanya Hales

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool that illustrators everywhere love! In this class, we will walk through creating a digital illustration from beginning to end. We will discuss: 

-Why Photoshop? Features and advantages

-Which drawing tablet is right for me?

-Prepping for colors: Getting your line art from paper to Photoshop, or drawing right in the program

-All about brushes and coloring

-Biggest shortcuts for illustrators

-Using a passive income from Patreon to completely cover the cost of Photoshop CC

Writing Track:

The Thriller Turnpike

Jo Cassidy

Want to take your readers on a ride that will cost them a few hours of sleep and maybe a little bit of their sanity? In this class, we'll discuss how to keep your readers anxiously flipping the page, taking them on a fast and wild journey with sudden turns and hopefully a lot of dead ends.


How to Creatively Kill and Naturally Heal Characters

June Marie Saxton

We never know WHAT—or WHO—is waiting for us around the bend! How many ways can death happen to the who? And how on earth can  characters survive the what?


Off With Their Talking Heads 

Stephanie Jaeger

Talking heads (n)

1.    a written conversation in which the characters speak to each other without non-verbal reference to action, feelings, or their surrounds.

2.    a conversation in which dialogue tags (i.e. he said, she said) are the only item used to further the conversation.

3.    a conversation that bores readers, encouraging them to set the book down and walk away.

Well-written dialogue is about much more than just what your characters are saying. Over 90% of communication is non-verbal. This needs to be emulated in written conversations. In this class, learn the essentials of crafting dialogue scenes that further your story, engage your readers, and eliminate those talking heads. 

Logline Workshop

Glenn Hammer


Have you ever been stuck trying to describe your story and gotten tripped up trying to tell your tale? Come and learn some tricks and practice your log-lines and pitches with others.                                                  


10:00 am

Visual Arts Track:


Photoshop Basics

Tanya Hales



Tips and Tricks for Fantasy Illustration

Kaitlund Zupanic

 How to make your fantastical creatures pop off the page! 

Writing Track:

How to Write for Different Social Media Platforms (And How to Understand Your Audience)

Elizabeth Evans

Navigating through the different social media platforms is like taking a road trip!  Each one has a different collection of rules, sights, and people to visit!


The Murky Middle: Elements of a Gripping Second Act

Rebecca Rode

You’re 20K words in and your initial excitement for the story is fizzling. Your mind wanders, your MC feels inconsistent, and the plot already has more holes than a fly swatter. Learn how to turn the murky middle into an exciting, tension-filled Act Two. We’ll discuss why the middle is the core of your story, what elements should be there, and most importantly, how the midpoint is crucial to making your exciting climax work."


The Care and Feeding of Writer Moms (and Dads)

Jodi Milner

Stay-at-home parents have many unique challenges, the biggest of these is maintaining a healthy sense of self. Writer moms and dads this class is for you. Come get the support and advice you need to survive and thrive as you navigate the different stages of your writing journey.

Mastering the Manipulation of Time and Bending Reality

Jared Quan

High-speed information society has trained us to think that we are already out of time, forcing us to always play catch-up, barely keeping our heads above water. I actively served on six non-profit boards, work a full-time job, work three part-time jobs, husband, father of five, while facing challenges from health issues, to children with autism and a child needing a heart transplant, all at the exact same time. The best part is that I am not just surviving, I am thriving, having lost over 100 lbs, signing publishing contracts, all while spending time with the family, and taking time for myself. Come learn the concepts, tools, and resources I use to take control of time, and how to be everywhere all the time (or at least seem to be).


MASTER CLASS: Going through the Slushpile (live!)

Dennis Gaunt


The slushpile can be a frightening place, especially if you’ve never submitted anything before. But it’s also scary for those who have to wade through all the submissions. One never knows what may be lurking therein! Come learn from a nearly 20 year veteran of the slushpile, who will share with you tips on how to get noticed for the right reasons, as well as how to avoid red flag amateur mistakes that will get you rejected. This class will also feature a live demonstration of the slushpile submission process.


11:00 am


Visual Arts Track:

Drawing Out Dragons: From the Scales to Teeth

Kaitlund Zupanic

"Drawing out Dragons" will go over common concerns and complaints aspiring artists sometimes have when tackling these tricky beasts that roam the skies in fantasy literature and illustration. Bring a few sheets of paper, pencil, and an open mind ready to be filled with the glorious rulers of the sky, dragons. 


Writing Track:

The Power of Theme: How to Use a Controlling Idea to Create a Story That Writes Itself.

Tanya Hales


Why are Pixar and Disney movies such beloved classics? Why do certain novels move us to our core? What makes the Marvel films so successful?

It all comes down to the power of theme. Theme resonates with us, unites all aspects of an otherwise complex story, and creates characters whose journeys change us too. It's a valuable tool that so many writers ignore. 

Learn what theme is, why it's so powerful in the creation process of a story, and how to use it to guide every aspect of your novel, comic, screenplay, or video-game. 


Amazing Places and Where to Find Them: Passport Not Required

Lucinda Whitney 

Learn how to choose a foreign setting, how to research it, how to deal with language and culture, and how to bring it all together to enrich your story.

Pantsing Your Novel In Six Easy Steps

Betsy Love

For those of you who have tried to plot only to find you have deviated from your outline by chapter two, this class will explore some methods to achieve a great story writing by the seat of your pants. You will discover how these six easy steps will help to create a skeleton novel that allows the freedom of “pantsing” while following a loose structure.

Can You Smell the Colors of the Wind?

Johan Twiss


Adding a dash of color and a pinch of smell can transform your story from a $1 value meal burger into a filet mignon worthy of the Iron Chef. In this class, we discuss how to sprinkle your story with sensory seasoning, taking your writing to the next level. You are the master chef of your story and using sensory detail the right way will not only help satisfy your readers, but keep them coming back for more.


As with any seasoning, too much can ruin your meal instead of enhancing it. But adding just the right amount of color, smell, taste, sound, and touch, can make all the difference.


MASTER CLASS: Going Through the Slushpile (live!)

Dennis Gaunt


12:00 pm

LUNCH & Keynote with Will Terry


1:00 pm

Performing Arts Track:

How to Produce a Podcast

Elizabeth Evans

Podcasts allow the writer to take listeners with them along to any destination of their choosing.  Come discuss what platform options are available for hosting a podcast as well as finding the right format, discovering your style, and what find out what is happening in the world of podcasts..

Visual Arts Track: 


Devon Dorrity

Cover Basics

Johan Twiss

So you want to make your own book cover. Maybe your budget is too tight to hire a cover artist or the idea of making your own cover excites you. 


In this class, we'll discuss the basics of cover design, what to avoid, what sells, where to find stock images that don't break the bank, and websites you can use to design your own covers. 

Writing Track:

We Don't Need Another Hero: The Antihero

Dennis Gaunt 

This class examines what an anti-hero is, and charts his journey using the Mad Max trilogy. (AKA: The Road Warrior). 

Capturing the Heart of Middle-Grade Fiction

Rebecca Blevins


One of the hardest things about writing for children is figuring out how to keep them engaged. Whereas beloved tales of old often had clear moral messages, today's kids want to be entertained and not preached to. 


How do we write satisfying, well-rounded, engaging books for kids whether they're the style of Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Jennifer Nielsen's A Night Divided? Come to this class and find out.


Road to Writing Your Happily Ever After

Maria Hoagland                       

 Want to write a novel, but not sure how to get there? Every road trip needs a plan, but for writing, there is no GPS to point out every turn. This class with help you organize your ideas so you won‚Äôt get lost along the way. Plotting your points along the way will make sure you get your characters to their destination and have fun along the way.

MASTER CLASS: Taking a Higher Road: Intermediate Self-Editing

Tristi Pinkston & Karen Hoover

Taking a Higher Road: Intermediate Self-Editing - Editing is more than just finding typos. It's a matter of choosing the right words and putting them together to convey deeper meaning to your reader. In this two-hour master class, experienced freelance editor Tristi Pinkston will take you through some exercises to strengthen your writing and bring it to the next level. She will use passages provided by members of the class (see below) to demonstrate certain principles. The $5.00 materials fee will provide you with a copy of a beginning grammar guide as reference.


*If you will be participating in this class and would like to volunteer your work to be addressed in class, please contact Tristi at to discuss. 


2:00 pm


Visual Arts Track:

Sculpting Part Two

Devon Dorrity   


Cover Basics Part Two

Johan Twiss 


So you want to make your own book cover. Maybe your budget is too tight to hire a cover artist or the idea of making your own cover excites you. 


In this class, we'll discuss the basics of cover design, what to avoid, what sells, where to find stock images that don't break the bank, and websites you can use to design your own covers. 

Writing Track:

Naming Characters with Ease (and Linguistics)

Talysa Sainz             

Naming characters can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if their names reflect their personalities or have hidden meanings. Learn how to name your characters with historical and etymological significance, with cultural and linguistic accuracy, and with proper subtext and description—and why all of these things matter to both the author and the reader.


Why Write Short Stories?

John M Olsen


We do things for a reason, whether road trips, writing short fiction, or anything else. Know your reasons!



5 Stops You'll Want to Make on Your Next Marketing Road Trip

Kathy and Douglas Jones

It's important to evaluate what has worked and what hasn't in previous marketing road trip efforts before deciding on where you'll be traveling next. If you also begin with the end in mind you'll be able avoid or work through flat tires, speed bumps, wrong turns, possible accidents, and whatever else life throws at you as you travel. Arriving safely at your marketing destination, as in true road trip travel, will more than likely not happen in one or two weeks, and probably not even after a month of traveling, but book success will follow. The success of your book trip will depend largely on how well you plan, begin your plan, travel, and arrive at your final destination.

A Light Through the Fog: Living Creatively While Coping With Depression and Anxiety

Rebecca Blevins

As anyone with clinical depression and/or anxiety disorders can tell you, those conditions can make it difficult to achieve our goals and dreams. It can often feel like you're on a roller coaster with no idea how to make it stop, or full of guilt and stretched in every direction.

In this class we will share both tips and research about how we can help our creative selves thrive while coexisting with anxiety and/or depression.

MASTER CLASS: Taking a Higher Road: Intermediate Self-Editing

Tristi Pinkston & Karen Hoover


3:00 pm


Visual Arts Track:

Improving Your Art to Make a Career Out Of it.

Will Terry

Writing Track:

Caution! Take this Detour to Avoid Writer's Block

Ryan Hacking

A road map into what being blocked means, why you become blocked, strategies to overcome blockage, analyzing and adapting to old and new blockages.  

On the Road with Kerouac and Cthulhu

K Scott Forman

 In this class we'll use Nick Mamatas's book Move Under Ground as a reference point to examine and understand Kerouac's classic, On the Road, in conjunction with H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.


DIY Opportunity Tracking with Excel

Jodi Milner

 It's not the mileage, but the milestones along the way that prove all your hard work is paying off. Learn why keeping good records will bring you more success, keep you sane, and open up opportunities along your journey.



7 Habits of Highly Effective Indie Rockstar Authors: The How & Why of Success

Rebecca Rode

"Indie rock stars. You’ve heard their names, perhaps even stalked them in a non-creepy way. These are the authors making seven figures a year, appearing on Amazon’s bestselling author lists with JK Rowling and Stephen King. How do they sell thousands of books a week and remain there, month after incredible month? The answers may be simpler than you think. We’ll discuss the seven tried-and-true indie marketing methods they used to catapult their careers from fledgling to fruitful."

4:00 pm

Visual Track:

Improving Your Art to Make a Career Out Of it.

Will Terry (Continued)

Writing Track:


Let's Get Passionate

Ali Cross

Writing, like life is a journey. Sometimes, it takes time and a lot of words to discover the stories you're meant to tell. There can be road bumps and wrong turns, but when you discover your passion, the path to a successful career becomes clear. 


GOING NINJA: Becoming the Word Warrior You Were Always Meant to Be!

Ann Hunter

You can be a word warrior anywhere, any time! Learn how to become a word warrior, and achieve more in less time without burnout. Appropriate for all skill levels. SOME NINJA-ING INVOLVED.

Caution—Narrow Windy Roads Ahead: Writing Plot Twists

Jared Quan

Like windy roads in real life, Plot twists and story turns force readers to stay alert as they read through your story, but what is not enough and what is too much, or are there any real restrictions on it. We are going to cover some great ones and some not so great ones. In the end, we are going to talk about ways to develop unique twists.


Training for Your Writing Career Marathon

Sara Jo Cluff

Writing a book takes time and dedication. Making your writing a career and not just a hobby takes even more. In this intensive, we'll create reasonable goals that will kick off your career. We will follow the entire journey, from that spark of an idea to getting your book out there in the world (including the business side of things). We'll go over the pitfalls and challenges, and the rewards to keep you motivated. With determination and a positive attitude, anything is possible. 

5:00 pm
Q&A with Dennis Gaunt

Book Signing

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